Monday, December 12, 2016

F-35 Lightning II @thef35 - Part 5

F-35 Lightning II @thef35 - Part 5

  1. 9: The number of days until & the number of partner countries.
  2. The countdown to is on- just 10 days to go!
  3. F-35As nearly combat ready: via
  4. F-35As and test key mission areas for deployment/combat readiness.
  5. F-35 Lightning II followed  and 
    • @17RSqn
      17(Reserve) Test and Evaluation Squadron, tasked with operational testing of the F-35B, STOVL Lightning II jet.
    • @vEDW
      Dell EMC Specialist SE Manager for Belgium & Luxembourg. VMware fanatic since 2003. still can't get enough of it.
  6. ICYMI we unveiled Israel's first this week. Watch highlights from the reveal:
    Israel F-35 Reveal
  7. 10 questions on the : | via
  8. Today, the Israeli Air Force's first was revealed. See the official release:
  9. The official unveiling of Israel’s first !
  10. Tomorrow, the first F-35A for Israel will be revealed. See how you can watch live:
  11. Israeli roll-out this week:
  12. See why the is the centerpiece of 21st century global security:
  13. Looking back at some great flying last week over The Netherlands!
  14. USAF sees potential combat missions this year: . reports.
  15. ICYMI: Watch the perform its first air show demo at : (via )
  16. Check out the latest news on the program:
  17. Wheels up! shop improves tire change process:
  18. Denmark selects as next-generation fighter:
  19. Dutch deployment yields strong results - the latest from :
  20. UK tanker testing completed a week ahead of schedule. has more:
  21. Check out more awesome photos on our Flickr page:
  22. .'s deploying to Idaho for tests before expected IOC this year: via
  23. F-35 Lightning II followed  and 
  24. The is a force multiplier when it comes to situational awareness:
  25. ICYMI: 1st results in NL noise perception flights show little difference btwn and :
  26. . noise tests show negligible difference in F-16 and engine noise:
  27. ICYMI: Pics from the recent arrival of the to : | photos by
  28. ICYMI: Watch the touch down in the Netherlands. (Footage via )
    F-35 Lands in the Netherlands
    As people across the Netherlands viewed in person and on TV, the nation’s first two F-35As touchdown for the first time at Leeuwarden Air Base May 23.
  29. Lightning touches the ground...
  30. Netherlands touch down at . Full story:
  31. Two are on their way to the Netherlands! Watch the of the landing:
  32. Learn about the 's unprecedented capabilities:
  33. ICYMI: An RAF Voyager aircraft refueled an during air-to-air trials: (via )
  34. The program's 2nd trans-Atlantic flight from Italy is underway: ()
  35. The is coming to the Netherlands: ()
  36. F-35 Lightning II followed  and 3 others
  37. DYK the final stage of carrier testing for is this year? Learn more:
  38. 73 yrs ago the started their mission. Their legacy lives on with 617 Sqn
  39. ICYMI here's 's in-depth interview w/ pilots & maintainers at :
  40. Denmark releases summary of why they selected the :
  41. Denmark confirms intent to buy 27 w/ announcement of fighter competition down select:
  42. pilots, maintainers "happy with the plane." 's report from :
  43. A Thunderbird F-16 flies with an F-35A Lightning II over Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., May 5, 2016.
  44. Development of 3i software for IOC complete:
  45. Keep up with the latest news:
  46. Afterburner activated! See 15 more awesome photos:
  47. DYK 6 of 9 partner countries have received & are flying their jets?


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