Monday, December 12, 2016

F-35 Lightning II @thef35

F-35 Lightning II


F-35 Lightning II

The official Twitter account of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II - the world's only 5th generation multirole stealth fighter

  1. Welcome Home, Adir! Congratulations to the Israeli Air Force on the arrival of your : | via
  2. .'s first two "Adir" jets have landed in Israel! Photos to come.
  3. “There is no better commitment to the of than the ”- U.S Ashton Carter
  4. makes 's top 2016 "firsts" list. Watch:
  5. The Israeli Air Force’s first F-35s will arrive in-country Monday. Learn more about Israel’s :
  6. The first test pilot recalls the historic first flight nearly 10 years later: | via
  7. Multiple take to the skies to test comm data links, ensure system accuracy, stability and usability
  8. ICYMI: Watch 's first en route to Israel: | via
  9. Four of the most experienced USMC F-35B pilots speak about their aircraft. And they say it's “exceptional”
  10. F-35 Lightning II followed  and 

    • @LMNewsroom
      Tweeting Lockheed Martin news & responding to journalist questions. Account is staffed Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET (except U.S. federal holidays).

    • @IAFsite
      Official Israeli Air Force's Twitter: exclusive, live updates and real-time information about the IAF
  11. . announces 5 installations as candidate bases for the next two locations:
  12. -specific weapons testing continues to progress: | reports
  13. The Israeli pilots have completed their conversion training & returned from the U.S >>
  14. See how the is driving advancements in pilot & maintainer training: | via
  15. The and have been testing the F-35B at sea on board USS America .
    F-35B flight testing on USS America
    The @RoyalNavy and @RoyalAirForce have been testing the F-35B at sea on board USS America @USNavy.
  16. How will help storm the beach: | via
  17. Next step in training and tactics arrives as F-35s begin integrated training with at :
  18. First Japanese arrives at , marking the first FMS aircraft to arrive at the base:
  19. Lockheed Martin’s F-35 “Lightning II” is fundamentally changing U.S. Marine Corps operations
  20. ICYMI: How the and 's latest carrier are preparing to dominate the seas: | via
  21. Learn about the B-variant, the world's first supersonic stealth STOVL aircraft:
  22. How the 's helmet is "ahead of our time": | via
  23. . covers the 's F-35B proof of concept sea trials:
  24. This recent test proved yet again that the packs a real punch: | via
  25. US & UK join forces aboard to train pilots/maintainers and prepare for future carrier ops: via

  1. How The Is Transforming U.S. Marine Corps Strike Ops, my story
  2. The have landed -- Check out the F-35B Lightning II STOVL flight test operations aboard USS America (LHA 6)
  3. ICYMI: All 15 affected by coolant tube issue are officially flying again: reports
  4. Check it out: More stunning photos of the on :
  5. UK planning first operational carrier embark: | via
  6. , check it out: spotted in California's famed "Star Wars Canyon": | via
  7. . takes you behind the scenes at the factory:
  8. 5 things you might not know about the :
  9. Historic moment yesterday when we had the first all-Norwegian launch at - aircraft, pilot, and crew -
  10. perform first-of-its-kind maintenance test at sea: | via
  11. Happy 241st birthday, !
  12. Pilots say difference btwn 4th & 5th Gen fighters is like difference between flip phone & iPhone: | via
  13. Watch the 's arrival on . Learn more:
    F-35B USS America Arrival
  14. . announces MRO&U initial component global assignments:
  15. Photo of the Day: An F-35B Lightning II STOVL aircraft conducts test operations on the flight deck of
  16. Just in: Repaired Norwegian returns to the skies at after completing insulation fix
  17. WATCH: National U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Month video: | via
  18. -Bs test & develop new techniques ahead of jet's first overseas deployment: | via
  19. Check out some of the best photos of the on thus far:
  20. Repaired return to flight at : | reports
  21. will thrive in one of the most militarized regions on the planet: | reports
  22. Above the Clouds: An B variant during flight testing near NAS Patuxent River. Learn about the F-35B:
  23. How the and other technologies help warfighters operate in the battle space undetected:


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