Monday, December 12, 2016

F-35 Lightning II @thef35 - Part 4

F-35 Lightning II @thef35 - Part 4

  1. Great opening fly past with . looking forward to arriving later in the week.
  2. ICYMI: program leaders announce investment to reduce sustainment costs by 10%:
  3. We've signed a $216M contract with for B LiftSystem
  4. Opening day of & we're excited to watch the make its debut. Watch our Vid
  5. And that's a wrap for ! Check out the top shots from the show:
  6. Another great day at in the books!
  7. Behind the Scenes: How the team prepared for :
  8. shows off capabilities at UK air show via
  9. This week's Airman Top Shot is Staff Sgt Natasha Stannard's pic of the F-35 making its first trans-Atlantic flight!
  10. 15% of each is made in the UK. Read about the UK's key role in the F-35 program
  11. Aviation history was made today when the F-35B Lightning II took to the skies at !
  12. . Gen. Davis live from : is ready to go to battle whenever needed
  13. Live @ : UK's Lightning Force Commander on - phenomenal capability, will make entire force more capable
  14. The B variant can take off and land practically anywhere. Learn more:
  15. ICYMI: Watch the 1st VL of the in the UK. Featured today at !
  16. F-35 Lightning II followed  and 
  17. Watch make it's first vertical landing in the UK - made possible by our LiftSystem!
  18. USAF Gen. Hawk Carlisle says he's "huge fan" of , it's going to "change the way we fight"
  19. Few noisy arrivals & departures already today at Lunchtime looking exciting as scheduled to validate 1pm
  20. Buongiorno: "The world gets to see what the F135 and the F-35 can do."
  21. Tomorrow! The makes its UK airshow debut at :
  22. Live from : pilots say F-35 can perform missions more efficiently and with much less work for the pilot
  23. Live from : pilot RAF Lt Cdr Adam Hogg says is "a real beast"
  24. Live from F-35 Pilot Brief: Pilots say they have complete confidence in and the way it handles
  25. is right around the corner! Retweet if you're ready to see the !
  26. Just WOW! Footage shot by ​ of the at RAF Fairford today!
  27. The F-35B performed the first VL in the UK today at Park & View day!
  28. DYK the is assembled @ factories in the US, Japan and Italy? 2 days until
  29. Here are 6 capabilities only possible in the :
  30. 15% of every F-35 jet worldwide is British built involving over 500 UK companies
  31. Check out this sneak peek of the at !
  32. 3- the number of F-35 variants and the number of days until !
  33. See how the will perform ski jump takeoffs from : | photo
  34. In just 5 days, the will debut at :
  35. Britain’s newest jet the F-35B will fly at RIAT this week. Meet the pilot Sqn Ldr Hugh Nichols
    Meet F-35B Pilot Sqn Ldr Hugh Nichols
  36. Because everybody loves an montage.
  37. The makes its UK air show debut at in just 6 days!
  38. aircraft BK-3 refuels during a flight over the UK. See more pics from :
  39. Three Air Force F-35s make first transatlantic flight
  40. VMA-211 transitions to VMFA-211, the second squadron to fly the F-35 Lightning II!
  41. 7 day countdown until the makes its UK air show debut at !
  42. A group of 3 F-35As has landed at RAF Fairford
  43. Check out this photo album of the F-35B arrival in the UK:
  44. will flypast tomorrow at 1400. Keep a lookout if you're in the area!
  45. DYK 8 countries are training pilots & maintainers? Just 8 days until :
  46. Three are greeted by a double rainbow just after touching down in the UK!
  47. The has touched down in the UK!
  48. . streaming landing live on their Facebook page:
  49. Follow 's live coverage of :


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