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F-35 Lightning II @thef35 - Part 2

F-35 Lightning II @thef35

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Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
Multirole fighter
The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a family of single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole fighters. The fifth-generation combat aircraft is designed to perform ground attack and air defense missions.Wikipedia
Top speed1,199 mph
Range1,379 mi
Wingspan35′ 0″
Engine typePratt & Whitney F135
First flightDecember 15, 2006
  1. It's ! Learn all about 's C variant:
  2. DYK the F-35 has been tested in environments as cold as -40 degrees and as hot as 120 degrees? Learn more:
  3. Check out the latest and greatest photos:
  4. Watch: What makes the 5th Gen different from it's 4th Gen predecessors:
  5. Learn about pilot/maintenance training at :
  6. 15 grounded operational making rapid progress toward returning to flight: via
  7. Think you know your ABCs? Learn about the 3 variants of the :
  8. -C attached to F-35 Pax River Integrated Test Force flies over 's above the Chesapeake Bay, today.
  9. is out and on display at the ! Don't miss it!

  10. Read how the was designed with coalition warfare in mind: | via
  11. Why the is an asset for the UK in coalition warfare: | via
  12. Norway becomes 1st partner nation to announce block buy intent: via
  13. . experimental infantry battalion teaming up w/ squadron for training ahead of upcoming deployment:
  14. An F-35C during recent tests near NAS Patuxent River. Learn more about testing:
  15. This , learn more about the factory:
  16. Keep up with the latest photos on Flickr:
  17. Top general says he's not worried about recent problems. | reports
  18. See why the is the smart fighter for the warfighter:
  19. in 2011, the F-35B performed the program's 1st vertical landing on a ship. See more history:
  20. Do you have what it takes to be an pilot? Take the quiz:
  21. From icy tundra to scorching desert, the has been tested to survive in any climate:
  22. Ordnance innovation sets new standard as becomes first service to validate hot loading the F-35.
  23. ICYMI: See the highlights from the Japan rollout ceremony:
  24. Get the fast facts on the :
  25. Here's what people who fly & maintain the have to say about it: | reports
  26. ICYMI: Watch the reveal ceremony of the first for Japan:
  27. Today, the Japan Air Self Defense Force accepted their first :
  28. Get behind-the-scenes video from Japan's Roll Out Ceremony happening now on our Instagram story! Follow to see:
  29. The official unveiling of Japan’s first !
  30. Watch the official roll out ceremony of the first for Japan live Friday at 11 a.m. ET:
  31. is the backbone of the fight of the future- Gen Hawk Carlisle at
  32. "Lack of perfection doesn't mean disaster." pilot give his take on the :
  33. 's from deploy to Mt. Home AFB for training:
  34. An F-35 just became the eyes and ears of a destroyer
  35. conducts first live fire NIFC-CA test with -
  36. Recent missile test demonstrates 's successful integration with assets:
  37. An F-35B during recent testing near NAS Pax River. Learn more about testing:
  38. DYK 6 of 9 partner countries have received their jets? Learn more:
  39. The is the only airplane you can see through while flying. Learn how:
  40. Learn about the in depth:
  41. See how the shares info to expand situational awareness for the entire fighting force:
  42. Next year, will become the first service to deploy the : via
  1. Won't Know What Hit 'Em neutralizes all of its targets during operational tests.
  2. ICYMI: Check out 's September cover story on the :
  3. It's safe to say DT-III aboard was a success!
    F-35C Development Test III
  4. . operational tests increase combat capability:
  5. Lightning's ready to rumble! This month's cover story:
  6. "It's not a fair fight" when it comes to vs 4th gen, according to pilots:
  7. C variant completes third and final at-sea test phase well ahead of schedule:
  8. An F-35A during tests at Edwards AFB. Learn more about testing at Edwards:
  9. DYK: The program involves 1,300 domestic suppliers in 44 states? Learn more:
  10. Locked and Loaded: C variant expands weapons load capabilities:
  11. ICYMI: set a new record w/ 25 weapons test successes in 1 month. reports:
  12. ICYMI: sets new record w/ 25 weapons tests in 1 month. reports:
  13. Japan's first completes first flight:
  14. USAF, ANG & US Navy are supporting the largest deployment yet. Via :
  15. Block 3F software aids in latest weapons tests: | via
  16. The future of naval aviation aboard : | via
  17. "surges" forward with record-breaking weapons test successes:
  18. Love this photo? Vote for the F-35 in 's photo competition here:
  19. Lightning Weathers the Storm: An prepares for takeoff amidst driving rain on .
  20. follow-on modernization plans are taking shape: | via
  21. An inside look at F-35C DT-III: | reports
  22. Check out some of the best photos from F-35C DT-III on board :


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