Monday, December 12, 2016

F-35 Lightning II @thef35 - Part 3

F-35 Lightning II @thef35 - Part 3

  1. Watch 's awesome footage of the on :
  2. . welcomes for at-sea tests:
  3. DYK F-35Bs have performed more than 1,000 vertical landings since the 1st in 2010?
  4. ICYMI: The makes its first visit to Canada: via
  5. from touch down in Canada ahead of :
  6. . Airmen looking forward to this weekend: | story & photo
  7. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the :
  8. ICYMI: The could deploy in as little as 18 months: | reports
  9. The 's "unique, awesome problem"? It's too stealthy: | video via
  10. to make Canadian debut at :
  11. . completes record number of sorties with :
  12. We're proud of what we've accomplished!
    #F35A IOC
  13. . all set up for the live IOC celebration ceremony! Watch live at noon EDT:

  1. Watch live as celebrates IOC at at noon EDT:
  2. Watch the IOC celebration ceremony live from this Friday @ noon ET:
  3. From 1st flight to arrival, see the milestones on the road to IOC:
  4. Watch the F-35A’s journey to combat readiness
    The Road to USAF F-35A IOC
  5. With the declaration of IOC, the is ready to fly, fight & win for the :
  6. The has reached IOC! Thanks to the efforts of our , the Joint Program Office & enterprise partners.
  7. The recently shot down a drone in its first air-to-air kill test. Details:
  8. The is ready for war, says top aviator:
  9. The is so stealthy, it's making training exercises difficult: | via
  10. 1,000 and Counting: The 's journey to 1,000 vertical landings:
  11. 1st operational USAF squadron completes checklist for IOC: reports
  12. Israel's first takes flight:
  13. . makes Red Flag Air Combat debut: | via
  14. How it Works: The 's high angle of attack:
  15. The and team is taking shape:
  16. A Partnership for Success: Learn about integrated UK and US training at :
  17. 5 reasons why the will reinvent aerial combat: via
  18. 5 reasons why the will reinvent aerial combat: via
  19. ICYMI: completes mods required for IOC: (via )
  20. F-35 has world's most advanced engine (via , )
  21. You can't deny's pretty cool
  22. Quiz: Test your technology knowledge:
  23. An pilot explains what it’s like to fly a 5th Gen fighter.
  24. Lockheed Martin & Israel Aerospace Industries mark delivery of the 10th Wing at :
  25. The F-35 is seemingly everywhere at : (via )
  26. Keep Calm & Hover On! The performs a hover during :
  27. Watch Chris Cholerton, President of Defence, discuss the importance of the for B


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