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Reply to John Kerry: Two-State Solution In Jeopardy In Middle East - DMD

Reply to John Kerry: Two-State Solution In Jeopardy In Middle East

“We cannot, in good conscience, do nothing, and say nothing.”

Attention please.
As if I couldn't hate biased The Huffington Post any more than I already do, they decided to put together a list of lies to further tarnish Israel when Obama's administration is taking JUSTIFIED heat from all sides after the biased UNSC fiasco and the Kerry biased speech.
1. Arab-Palestinians can't live free of Israeli presence?
If they wanted to live in peace, accepted the existence of Israel, stop teaching their children to hate and kill Jews leading to countless terror attacks, there would not need to be an Israeli military presence keeping things in control and at bay.
Their "civilian torture" claims are nonsense and aren't backed up by anything other than "alleged" and fictitious claims in the usual.
2. Arab-Palestinians in Gaza can't control the flow of goods and supplies:
Because they are governed by Hamas, who takes those goods and supplies once they pass over the border and use them to do things like build terror tunnels and continue build up means of waging another war against Israel. They do this with aid as well, as has already been documented.
Food, medicine, EVERYTHING gets through the "blockade" (some It's like customs, you try to bring weapons through and you're arrested for it, simple as that. Thousand of tons of supplies go into Gaza every day from Israel. What Hamas does with them is another matter.
3. Arab-Palestinians can't control access to water:
Because all the water they get comes from ISRAEL YOU    F-UCKING IDIOTS. We Israelis out of our goodness sustain an enemy sworn to destroy us, because we're terrible like that. Contrary to propaganda, water has always been provided and the Bethlehem incident they are referring to was because of technical issues, not some form of sinister payback. But twisting the facts to fabricate reality and demonize Israel is their goal.
4. Arab-Palestinians can't access certain life saving health care:
Because their government would rather spend their money teaching hatred and waging war and pocketing large suns in their own accounts. They could have access to any and all medical support they want, but have other priorities. I guess that's why Israel takes in so many sick Arab-Palestinian children, even relatives of the heads of their governments, again, sworn to destroy Israel, because we're Jews in Israel are such terrible people.
The hospitals that were bombed were being used as military operations centers and were storing munitions, not patients. This has already been proven and apparently the Huffington post is choosing to ignore those facts in light of creating more effective anti-Israel biased propaganda. (The British and Americans bombed German cities daily for rocket attacks in London and killed hundreds of thousands civilians)
5. Arab-Palestinians can't live in Israeli settlements in the occupied territories:
Quite the opposite. Remember the whole SodaStream fiasco?
Arab-Palestinians were living and working side by side with Jews in the "occupied liberated territories", but people like the Huffington Post think that they should still be boycotted, and were the reason the co-op had to end, much to the chagrin of the owner of SodaStream. An Arab-Palestinian who makes his way into a "settlement" may be coming for work. If unauthorized they may be questioned or detained. If an Israeli "settler" walked into an Arab-Palestinian West Bank aka Judea and Samaria village, they wouldn't be working, or questioned, or detained for safety...they would be murdered.
6. Most Arab-Palestinians can't enjoy the rights of citizenship:
They have to go through naturalization like anyone else. I guess that's why we have Arab-Palestinians who are naturalized Israeli Arabs that sit as MK's in Israel's parliament.
This whole section is simply fictionalized bullshit.
7. Arab-Palestinians don't have the same rights of due process as Israelis:
In their own territories, they do.
When you illegally sneak over a border to commit crimes of terror, you cannot expect to be treated the same way a peaceful resident of Israel is.
Terrorists do not deserve the same "rights" as the rest of the human race, as they have divorced themselves from their humanity and became human predators.
8. Arab-Palestinians can't travel in, out, and through "occupied liberated territories" without restriction:
Anyone follow the countless numbers of Arab-Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis over the past year!!???
9. Arab-Palestinians aren't equally protected by labor laws:
BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT ISRAELI CITIZENS FFS! It's as simple as that!!! If you're sworn to Israel's destruction, why exactly should you be treated EQUALLY???
(Btw, using HRW or Amnesty as sources for this shit, is no different than grabbing something directly from a Arab-Palestinans propaganda site, they are notoriously biased).
10. Palestinians can't stay out late:
Curfews were imposed in certain areas because TERROR ATTACKS WERE HAPPENING AT NIGHT!! Why the f-uck else?
But please, the safety of Israeli families sleeping in their beds shouldn't concern you biased Huffington Post.
This is BY FAR, the worst, most biased, anti-Israel/anti-Semitic, false, piece of garbage s-hit article on this matter I've read in a LONG time, and it only solidifies the notion that the Huffington Post isn't worthy to wipe your a-ss with.
So my liberal friends who LOVE the mag. Take all this into consideration the next time you read another stream of hateful, false, anti-Semitic, ultra left bullshit from them.


  1. Americans killed many American Indians and stole the lands of the American Indians and the Mexicans - study American history and know the facts. Therefore the U.S. is occupied territory and not Israel on its own historical Land of Israel. The Jewish people took back their own historical land for over 3,000 years. That is a big difference, study factual Jewish history. Verified by Greek, Persian and Roman archives, etc. (Study European history and you will find out that all the European countries are sitting on some occupied territory). Clean you own house before you pass biased resolutions against Israel.
    YJ Draiman

  2. The British committed crimes against humanity. They allowed and turned a blind eye while hundreds of thousands of Arabs crossed into Israel attacked and killed Jewish people. The British supplied the Arabs with weapons and confiscated weapons from the local Jewish people who were trying to defend themselves. The League of Nations was going to bring charges against Britain for violating the terms of the Mandate for Palestine, but it was dissolved before charges were brought against the British. Ask the government in India about British atrocities in their country. I personally have spoken to the British about their crimes in Israel; they admitted that was the policy of the British government. You can read some of documents in the British archives. You can also read about British {Operation Embarrass).

    I have copies of the Minutes of the 1918 Paris conference and the Minutes of the San Remo Conference of April 1920. I also have the Faisal Wiezmann Agreement of January 1919. It corresponds to the minutes of The 1918-1920 Allied Conferences in how to allocate the Ottoman territory. I know you are biased against Israel, but that does not matter to me. Israel is The Jewish country and we are holding it as ours. No matter what anyone else thinks or distorts history. Possession is nine tenths of the law.

  3. The British Mandate for Palestine, April 1920 and its consequences The British Mandate for Palestine, sometimes referred to as the Mandate of Palestine, was a League of Nations Mandate created after the First World War when the Ottoman Empire was split up by the Treaty of Sèvres and Lausanne. At the 1920 San Remo conference of the Allied Supreme Council, at which the Mandates were granted, and at which time the Arabs received over 12 million sq. km. of territory with a wealth of oil reserves, the precise boundaries of all territories, including that of the British Mandate of Palestine aka The Land of Israel, were specified, to “be determined by the Principal Allied Powers” and were completely finalized based on the Faisal Weizmann Agreement of January 1919 which specified all of Palestine for the Jewish National Home which is about 120,000 sq. km., (see the minutes of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference and the 1920 San Remo Conference) and described four years later. However, it was clear that the boundary of Britain’s mandate for Palestine was to extend eastward to the western boundary of its mandate for Mesopotamia. In 1921, following Churchill’s negotiations with Emir Abdullah Transjordan (later Jordan was created as the new Arab state for the Arabs in Palestine) was accepted into the Mandate, but it was separated from the area on which a Jewish National Home had to be established, a move formalized in violation of treaties and agreements, by the addition of a September 1922 clause to the charter governing the Mandate for Palestine aka The Land of Israel, which allowed for postponement of all mandatory provisions which expressly included as part of the ‘Jewish National Home’ on lands which lay to the east of the Jordan River. YJ Draiman